“Are You Money Walking in the Bank?” – How to Actualize Your Career Goals

As executive search consultants and recruiters, we work with financial professionals to identify strengths and weaknesses for a realistic assessment of their portfolio and goals. In order to make success a reality for you, it is essential that you first be realistic about who you are and what you can offer. More often than not, we find that people aspire to be someone they can look up to, while having neither the skill sets or achievements to back up their presentation of who they are as a seasoned banking professional. The dissonance between an individual’s qualifications and their expectations often is the source for problems and difficulties down the road, resulting in not getting the position, promotion, or outcome being sought.

As seasoned specialists and consultants who are active in the industry on a national basis, our team has the opportunity to talk with banks throughout the country. Through talks with our candidates, we can share knowledge gained from active participation and discussion with a broad range of banks and their hiring managers. So when speaking with someone from our team or any other recruiter, it is important to keep one question in the forefront of your mind – “are you money walking in the bank?” This applies not only to commercial lenders and senior loan officers, but also to credit officers, portfolio managers, payment solutions, IT experts, and other like professionals who will have the opportunity to bring direct economic value to any bank they work with. So knowing the answer to the question above and being able to speak to that directly with clarity can bring about more opportunities for you to advance your career goals and placement opportunities.

If you are considering an opportunity at hand for what you are looking to achieve, it is critical that you take a hard and honest look at your skill sets,  and more importantly, the value that you bring to this key business relationship. Always be focused on how you are “money walking into the bank!” Feel free to email us at info@bankers1st.com, call us at 404-855-3400, or contact any of our team members at bankers1st.com for more information on how you can make the most out of your next opportunity.

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